10 August 2020

how dentally fit are you?

Here at Ascent Dental Care, we know that fitness levels vary from person to person – but we’re not talking about how many kilometres you can run, or how long you can hold a plank for – we’re talking about how dentally fit you are!

Good oral care is just as important as keeping the rest of your body healthy and active. After a few months in lockdown without seeing a dental professional, we appreciate that some of you will be in need of a trip to the dentist or hygienist to ensure you remain dentally fit. Here’s a checklist of just a few things we can do for you now that our doors are back open.


With the majority of 2020 spent in lockdown, it’s important you and your family try to maintain your two general check-ups this year with your dentist to ensure everything’s all in working order!


Good oral hygiene can keep your whole body healthier too. Arranging a dental hygiene appointment with one of our hygienists means we can look for any signs of gum disease or inflammation, or changes in your oral health. And since there are proven links between poor oral hygiene and increased risk of serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease, we think it’s important you lean on us for advice to help keep such problems at bay.


Neglecting your oral health or drinking and eating foods and drinks that stain can leave you with unwanted plaque and tartar. So, if you’ve spent lockdown indulging in red wine, coffee or spicy foods, and the build-up has just got too much, then a visit to our hygienist may be just what you need. Our hygienists use a gentle and pain-free professional air polish to banish bacteria and decay, whilst you leave smiling and your teeth feeling clean and fresh again.


Our hygienists aren’t just here to give you a deep clean, but we’ll work with you to help get your oral care routine back on track. From brushing to flossing we’ll teach you the optimum oral health techniques and nutritional advice so that you and your family can easily maintain your oral health at home.

We’re committed to getting your oral care back in shape! So if you’re thinking now’s the time to get your oral health back on track, book an online appointment here with one of our dentists or hygienists.