5 January 2021

how safe is a trip to the dentist?

Without using the dreaded “C” word too often, we understand how daunting it must have been stepping back outside into the ‘new normal’, and with the ever-confusing rules around covid-19 and what we can or can’t do, we wanted to reassure you and your family about how safe a visit to the dentist really is.

how safe is a trip to the dentist

When restrictions eased and routine dental care resumed across our practices back in June 2020, we were very aware of how different the dental visit experience for our patients would be.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that maintaining the safety of our patients and staff is not new to us. As a profession, we have been implementing infection control procedures and adhering to well-regulated guidelines, such as HTM-01-05, and are well poised to continue to maintain a safe clinical environment for both our patients and staff alike. Below are just a few protocols we have always followed and will continue to do so.

  • Our clinical team have always worn single-use gloves and masks when treating patients.
  • All dental handpieces and instruments are washed, disinfected and placed into a high-pressure autoclave to kill infectious bacteria and diseases.
  • All equipment in the dental surgery is disinfected after each visit.
  • We wash our hands and/or apply an alcohol-based substance between each patient.

Since the covid-19 outbreak we have made additional changes to our protocols for all patient visits and continue to update these as new rules and regulations come into play. We promise to do our part to protect our patients and our staff, we just ask that you follow our new procedure when attending your dental appointment.

Arriving at the practice:

You may receive a call from us the day before your appointment to run through everything. Although our doors may be locked when you arrive, please wait patiently outside the front door and we’ll let you in once we’re ready to see you. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR MASK OR FACE COVERING TO YOUR APPOINTMENT!

Inside the practice:

You will spot that some things are a little different. You’ll be greeted with a safe “hello” and a quick hand sanitise, plus we’ve installed glass screens for yours and our protection. A safe box is provided to place your belongings in and as well as running through the symptom checklist with you we may ask for payment beforehand.

During treatment:

You will see that the team are fully equipped with all the correct PPE. We might also ask you to rinse your mouth before treatment.

After treatment:

Our work doesn’t stop once you leave. The surgery and clinical environment is sanitised ready for the next patient and we will follow up with a courtesy call to check you’re doing OK and to book you next appointment in.

Zoom video consultations:

We also appreciate that many of you may be unable to attend an in-practice consultation to discuss your dental concerns. This may be due to many factors including the limitations of the recent covid-19 pandemic or your busy lifestyles. In response to this, we’re pleased to offer Zoom video consultations, so that you can still have a friendly chat with one of our dentists. To book a Zoom video consultation, simply complete the form here and one of our friendly team will be in touch to arrange an appointment at a time to suit you.

You can read our full guide on ‘Staying safe at the dentist’ here, or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, or alternatively you can book a zoom video consultation here.