9 September 2020

let’s get things bright

Do you find you’re staring at yourself on those video calls thinking – “OMG those teeth need brightening up”?

let’s get things bright

If video calls have taught us one thing over the past few months, whether it was when you were on a business call or perhaps the weekly family quiz, very few people are lucky enough to have a bright, white smile.

Lockdown had us all consuming more tea and coffee, drinking red wine, snacking on chocolate, eating an abundance of pasta and for some, maybe smoking more too. After all, what else were we to do within the confines of our four walls?  

While lots of these foods/drinks are prone to causing discolouration, it’s actually completely natural for teeth to darken overtime. Diet, lifestyle and even medication can all play a part in how white our teeth are. But we’re here to help people come out the other side of lockdown with a happier, healthier and far brighter smile.

What are your options for a bright, white smile?

Making cosmetic changes to your appearance is an extremely personal experience. Depending on your cosmetic needs, timeframes and budgets, we can offer a few options to get your teeth back on the brighter side.

Teeth whitening 

If now is the time to reset the clock on your tooth colour, or perhaps get your teeth whiter than ever before, professional tooth whitening is the safest and most effective way to get you visible and impressive results. Whether you want the whitest shade, or white teeth fast or the convenience of at-home whitening, we have a solution for you.

Porcelain veneers

If your stains are so stubborn then porcelain veneers could be for you, helping to straighten, whiten and align your smile in as little as two weeks.  Hand-crafted and custom-made for you, porcelain veneers are thin covers that are applied to the front of your teeth to make them look uniform and pristine. Think of them like a false fingernail, but for teeth!

And don’t worry about finance, we understand how difficult budgeting is right now, which is why we’ve got you covered with our 0% finance and membership plans.

Take back control of the brightness of your smile and start your journey to a brighter, white smile today. Book an online appointment here.