20 October 2020

let’s get things straight

2020 will be remembered for many things and if we didn’t know how to before, we’ve certainly mastered the ‘art of video conferencing’. While we might have all known what it was before, let’s be honest, none of us have spent as much time video calling in our entire lifetime than we have in 2020.

let’s get things straight

Unfortunately, the new norm of video conferencing whether it be for work, family time or girls/boy’s night in, has also got a lot of us scrutinising how we look, including how straight (or crooked) our teeth are, which then has an impact on how we feel.

As time goes on, many of us are hoping we don’t have to turn our videos “on” and a dark blank screen with just our name will be suffice. But, for that reason we’ve made it our mission to help you feel confident in flicking that switch to ‘video on’ so you can stare back at your peers with a beautifully straight smile.  

What are your options for a straight, white smile?

There’s not a one size fits all solution to straightening teeth. In fact, making any type of cosmetic change is an extremely personal experience and depending on your needs, timeframes and budgets, will depend on the options we can offer you to get your teeth back on the straight and narrow.

Discreet clear aligners

With no wires, no brackets and no braces, our clear aligners offer a quick and discreet solution to teeth straightening. You’ll receive a set of clear, barely visible, made-to-measure aligners that work gently and effectively to move your teeth into the desired position, in months not years!

Fixed braces

Don’t even start thinking about train tracks of years gone by. We’re talking about tooth-coloured ceramic braces that blend in with your teeth and make treatment faster and more discreet and comfortable than ever before.

Invisible lingual braces

Sometimes clear aligners aren’t suitable for everyone. In these situations, these braces offer a subtle straightening solution. Fixed to the inside of your teeth they can be extremely effective in more complex cases.

Lifestyle-friendly removable braces

If time is of the essence and you’ve got an important event just around the corner, then our removable solutions may be for you. Focusing on straightening the front ‘smiling teeth’ our retainer braces or clear aligners with metal arch wires can get you ready for that all-important date. 

We understand how difficult budgeting is right now, especially when it comes to treating yourself. That’s why we’ve got you covered and can help you spread the cost of treatment with our 0% finance and membership plans.

Start your journey to a straighter smile today. Book an online consultation here.