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Replace your metal amalgam fillings with tooth coloured composite fillings

What are amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are the traditional method of filling cavities in your teeth. Unfortunately, not only was their silver metal hue not aesthetically pleasing, but they also contained the chemical element mercury, which can potentially pose a long-term dental health risk.

Here at Ascent Dental Care, our talented staff can safely remove and dispose of amalgam fillings and replace them with natural tooth coloured composite fillings, which are better for your health and keep your smile looking natural.

White Fillings case 1

This Ascent Dental Care patient was unhappy with the colour of his silver amalgam fillings, so our dental experts replaced these with tooth coloured non-mercury fillings in just one painless visit.

White Fillings case 2

In the below case, silver fillings were visible on the patient’s lower teeth when she smiled. We replaced these with white composite fillings in one straightforward visit to give her back a natural-looking smile!

“Should I have my amalgam fillings removed?”

There are both advantages and disadvantages with the traditional method of filling decayed teeth:


  • Strong and durable
  • Cheaper than other alternatives


  • There is a chance of them expanding with age and cracking your teeth
  • The protective seal can fade away, which may cause them to start to decay
  • Can cause tooth discolouration (grey marks)
  • Fillings don’t match your tooth colour
  • Contains mercury
  • Healthy parts of your tooth may require to be removed to create ample enough space for an amalgam filling
  • Some patients may be allergic to the amalgam material

Concerns over mercury fillings

There is a lot of controversy over the use of amalgam fillings in modern-day dental practices. So much so that some European and Scandinavian countries have even banned the use of mercury-based fillings. In the UK, we do not offer amalgam fillings to under 16s or pregnant and breastfeeding women. However, there hasn’t been any conclusive evidence to say that you are exposed to any more mercury than you already are in your everyday life (e.g. eating fish, drinking water etc.). Therefore, you will find that most dentists in the UK will offer both mercury fillings and other alternatives, such as composite white fillings.


At Ascent Dental Care, we are proud to say we advocate white fillings over metal amalgam. If you would like to find out more information about amalgam fillings removal, find your nearest Ascent Dental practice in Loughborough, Malvern, Solihull and Tamworth and book your FREE consultation today!