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Do you have uneven patches of discolouration, such as faint white lines or flecking on the surface of your teeth? You could be suffering from dental fluorosis.

What is dental fluorosis?

Dental fluorosis occurs when your tooth enamel (the protective surface of your teeth) experiences a high dosage of highly concentrated fluoride during the natural stages of tooth development.

Who does dental fluorosis affect?

Generally, this will only occur during the early stages of tooth development, between the ages of 3 months to 8 years old. Very often, the effects of fluorosis will be unnoticeable and can be seen as tiny white streaks or specks on the affected teeth. Unfortunately, in more severe cases, the teeth can become rough (making it hard to clean), uneven, and discoloured with brown markings.

Patients who have suffered from fluorosis will have permanent spots and stains, which can darken over time, but we can treat this condition using Enlighten or KöR teeth whitening.

What contains fluoride?

Fluoride can be found in several sources, including:

  • Mouthwash (not all mouthwash – be sure to check the ingredients!)
  • Food (Soy and a lot of processed food can contain fluoride)
  • Water (the level of fluoride will vary from area to area and will be higher in less developed areas/countries)

How can I prevent fluorosis from happening?

Fluorosis will occur because young children have come into contact with an excessive amount of fluoride during the important development stages of their life. Therefore, during this stage of your child’s life, it is essential to monitor fluoride intake to make sure that there are no future problems with fluorosis. It is also crucial to ensure your child is regularly attending their dental check-ups and hygienist appointments as they will be able to identify the early stages of fluorosis.

Are you looking to be treated for dental fluorosis? If you have suffered from dental fluorosis or are worried about your child, please do not hesitate to call us. Simply find your nearest Ascent Dental Care practice and arrange your free consultation today!