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Some people bite their nails, and some grind their teeth. But, for others, thumb sucking is a habit that they just can’t escape. This blog discusses the dangers of thumb sucking and how the dentists at Ascent Dental Care can help you or your children kick the habit.

What are the dangers of thumb sucking?

It is a common habit of children to suck their thumbs. Every child at some stage does it. In the initial stages, it is not as harmful. However, it becomes a problem once it turns into a habit. If the child continues with this habit over a long period of time, it will have serious consequences, especially for their teeth. If the child keeps this habit up to and beyond the age of five, there is a danger of the teeth being altered. If habitual thumb sucking occurs after mature teeth have come, the following problems may occur.

  • Gaps in the teeth
  • Crookedness in the teeth
  • Problem with the proper bite

How can you treat a thumb sucking habit?

If it has become a daily habit, it will be difficult to simply stop your child from sucking their thumb. However, here at Ascent Dental Care, we can provide your child with a thumb guard designed to not interfere in day-to-day tasks but also prevents the child from sucking their thumb.

The thumb guard is made from non-toxic plastic and is comfortably fixed onto the child’s wrist. This device works on the principle that if the child cannot suck their thumb, they will eventually grow out of the habit. The guard is made in a size that is slightly bigger than the child’s thumb, as the air existing between the thumb and the guard makes suction impossible for the child. These anti-thumb-sucking devices come in several colours and attractive designs, so children do not find the product cumbersome or unappealing.

Any habit is hard to break, but this is very important for your child’s long-term dental health. Therefore, you have to be firm with its use. Ensure that your child wears their thumb guard at all times to kick this habit once and for all!

How do you use a thumb guard?

Thumbs guards are made to be used for four weeks at a time. It should be used around the clock, especially when the temptation of sucking is more probable, such as before bedtime or in the car. It comes with a lock at the wrist so that children cannot open them. If you want your child to lose the habit of thumb sucking quickly, ensure that your child wears the thumb guard for a month. If it is used continuously, your child will soon forget about sucking their thumb!

If you are worried about your child’s thumb sucking habit or you are an adult who hasn’t yet broken the habit, the Ascent Dental Care thumb guards could be the suitable treatment for you! Call your nearest dental practice located in Loughborough, Malvern, Tamworth and Solihull, and arrange your FREE consultation today!