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We understand that creating your smile is an investment in your long-term dental health. At Ascent Dental Care we have created an extensive guide to our fees and treatment prices, which we believe reflect the exceptional patient care and quality of dentistry received at any one of our four practices.

We offer a range of consultation and treatment options to suit your dental needs, budget and timeframes. Patients will always be provided with a full treatment plan outlining fees and finance options, before commencing treatment.

We can help spread the cost of treatment with our 0% finance and payment plans to suit your timeframe and budget.

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Treatment Staring From Price Treatment Starting From Price
Consultations & Examinations Dentures
New Patient Initial Consultation £68.00 Partial Acrylic Dentures £624.00
Routine Examination £51.00 Full Acrylic Dentures (Upper or Lower) £1,133.00
Treatment Consultations £0.00 Partial Cobalt Chrome Dentures £964.00
Emergency Appointment (Does not include treatment) £57.00 Addition of a Denture Tooth £125.00
Periodontal Treatment Consultation £136.00 Denture Repair £102.00
X-Rays, Diagnostics & Gumshields Crowns, Bridges, Inlays & Veneers
Small Diagnostic X-rays (Per X-Ray) £10.00 Crown £737.00
Panoral X-ray £34.00 Inlay £737.00
CBCT 3D Scan £98.00 Bridge £986.00
Study Models £80.00 Porcelain Veneer (Per Tooth) £794.00
Plain Gum Shields (Single Colour) £91.00 Composite Veneer (Per Tooth) £397.00
Coloured Gum Shields (Multiple Colours) £102.00 Composite Bonding (Per Tooth) £150.00
Periodontal Treatment/Hygienist Teeth Whitening
Routine Scale & Polish with Hygienist £63 Pola/Boutique Home Whitening £397.00
Extended Hygienist Visit £83 Zoom Home Whitening £448.00
Simple Scale & Polish with Dentist £74 Enlighten Home Whitening £561.00
Air Polish £46 Zoom/Enlighten In Surgery Whitening £737.00
Fillings Orthodontic Treatment
White Fillings (Composite) £141.00 Metal Fixed Braces £1500.00
Glass Ionomer Fillings £76.00 Clear Fixed Braces £1750.50
Silver Fillings (Amalgam) £125.00 Lingual Braces £1750.50
Clear Aligner (Invisalign & Clear Correct) £1650.50
Orthodontic Retainer £114.00
Other Implant Treatment
Anti Wrinkle Treatment £221.00 Implant (Single placement includes restoration) £2750.00
Fillers £284.00 Bone Graft £500.00
Sedation £397.00 Same Day Smile £13,000.00

All prices may vary according to specific treatment needs, complexity and materials used.
A personalised treatment plan will be issued to you prior to any treatment.

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