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lip plumping

Want fuller, plumper lips?

Professional Lip Filler Treatment at Ascent Dental Care

Fuller lips can mean a fuller smile for many, especially those patients who come to us unhappy with the appearance of their lips, often arising from naturally thin lips or excessive lines caused by smoking or sun damage.

Some of the most common reasons for lip plumping include:

  • Fuller lips
  • Removing wrinkles around the lips
  • Increased self-confidence

Professional Lip Filler Treatment with Facial Aesthetic Experts

Lip plumping is a facial rejuvenation technique that can be sued to enhance your lips by making them look fuller, softer and plumper. The treatment prescribed will be customised to suit your lip structure and facial symmetry and is completed using dermal fillers carefully injected into your lips. We can add definition and fullness for instant results that can last for up to six months.

Some people worry that lip fillers will result in the ‘duck lip’ look, but this only occurs when either too much or the wrong type of filler has been used. During the consultation procedure, our trained and highly skilled team of professionals will take great care to assess you to provide a subtle and natural look.

How long will your lip filler last?

This depends on the brand of dermal filler that is used. At your free consultation, we will discuss all options with you so you can make an educated decision on which treatment you would like to proceed with.

For fuller, more plump lips, book your FREE consultation with the Ascent Dental Facial Aesthetic experts today!

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