how we use

Sedation to Snooze through treatment

Also known as ‘twilight’ or ‘conscious’ sedation, the intravenous (IV) or dental sedation procedure combines sedative, to make you relaxed and drowsy, with analgesic (painkiller) and anaesthetic (numbing). The effect of these three elements working together allows patients to begin their treatment in an induced state of complete contentment and relaxation. Patients are usually responsive during treatment (you may hear voices and respond to the gentle squeeze of your hand) but the amnesic effect of the sedative will mean that you remember very little of the procedure afterwards.

Sedation to make you smile

Nervous about your dental treatment? Don’t be – with inhalation sedation, we’ll have you laughing about it! Inhalation sedation, also known as laughing gas or happy air, is a popular method used at Ascent practices to relax patients before their dental treatment begins. A mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide breathed in through a single mouthpiece, inhalation sedation not only raises the pain threshold but induces feelings of contentment, relaxation and sleepiness.