6 great reasons
choose dental implants.

  • Improve appearance
    Fill in the gaps and bring back the smile you once had
  • Enjoy the foods you love
    Taste and chew foods, such as apples, steak, and corn on the cob, with confidence.
  • Aesthetically pleasing
    Look, feel and function like your own teeth.
  • Save tooth and bone structure
    Prevent bone shrinkage and facial sagging caused by missing teeth and preserve adjacent teeth.
  • Feel confident
    Eat, speak and laugh again without discomfort or embarrassment.
  • Durable and long-lasting
    Enjoy a strong, long-term replacement for missing teeth.

It’s all possible
with dental implants.

Replace one or several teeth with dental implants

Replacing one or more missing teeth with dental implants is a straightforward procedure that usually involves minimal invasion or discomfort – especially as patients of Ascent Dental Care have the option of choosing IV sedation. Implant surgery is so precise, patients generally recover very quickly and are able to return to work within a couple of days.

While a single implant supports a single tooth restoration, for multiple missing teeth we can use a number of implants to support a fixed bridge. After the implant procedure, you will be given a temporary crown or bridge to wear while the implant integrates with your jawbone – a process that takes around 10 weeks. Then you’ll be able to return to have your final restoration fitted.

Secure your dentures

Dentures are a traditional solution for replacing missing teeth, but if they don’t fit perfectly, they can slip or click when you eat or speak. If you already wear dentures or are facing the prospect of losing all your teeth, implant-supported dentures can provide an excellent solution.

Implant-supported dentures can secure your prosthetic teeth permanently with as few as two dental implants. You can still remove your denture for cleaning, but you won’t need to use adhesives to keep it in place, can chew and eat as normal, and won’t experience the discomfort traditional dentures can cause.

Discover the innovation of our full-arch solutions

If you’ve been told you don’t have enough bone to support traditional dental implants, our full-arch solutions offers an alternative solution, anchoring a full upper and lower set of teeth with just four implants. And the best bit is we can provide you with replacement teeth in a day, so you really can have a Same Day Smile! Treatment can be performed in a single session at the dentist, with no long wait for your new smile.

For edentulous patients (patient with no teeth), and with limited bone availability, we also offer Straumann Pro Arch, a seamless and safe treatment option for fixed full-arch restorations that reduces patient discomfort to a minimum.

Ideal for patients with:

  • Loose or uncomfortable dentures
  • Bridge or crown work that is failing
  • Receding gums or severe bone loss
Prepare your jawbone for implants

For some patients, treatment is required in order to prepare and optimise the jawbone before dental implants can be placed. If you are thinking about having implants, you may require a sinus life, to create enough space for the successful placement of the implants, or a bone graft, if you don’t have enough bone to support the implants.

We can get your mouth in top condition for implants with these procedures at Ascent Dental Care, so you can keep all of your tooth replacement options open.