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root canals

High-tech and pain-free

Prevent tooth loss with gentle Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are an endodontic procedure that is used to save teeth that would otherwise need an extraction by eliminating pain, clearing infection and sealing the inside of your damaged tooth to prevent re-infection. Root canal treatment is now considered as routine as getting a filling – so it’s nothing to fear if your Ascent dentist recommends it for you.

What is root canal treatment?

If you’re experiencing toothache, swelling, and sensitivity to hot and cold, it may be that the inner soft tissue of your tooth – or dental pulp – has become infected due a trauma or deep decay.

It may be comforting to know that our team are highly skilled in performing root canal treatment and aim to preserve as much of the tooth as possible. During the procedure, we will carefully remove all remnants of the bacteria from the tooth and roots. The root is then cleaned and filled to prevent further infection. We will then restore your tooth to its full shape, strength and function sing wither a permanent filling or crown.

How long do root canals take?

This will be very much case dependant as there are a few factors that can determine the complexity of your case including:

  • Location of the tooth
  • Multiple teeth needing treatment
  • How many roots are attached to the affected teeth
  • The presence of curved roots

During the assessment consultation, your Ascent dentist will be able to give you an idea on how long your case should take to complete.

Is root canal treatment painful?

The affected tooth and the surrounding area will be thoroughly numbed before your root canal treatment begins. But because we will be treating the nerve of the tooth, you may feel slight pressure during the procedure. Our dentists will ensure they go at a slow pace, making the treatment as comfortable and pain free as possible. We also offer IV sedation which will make the whole treatment very hazy and unmemorable – a popular option with our very nervous patients.

Don’t let fear of the unknown damage your oral health. If you’ve been experiencing pain, inflammation and swelling, let our dental professionals remedy your pain quickly and gently. Book a consultation today.

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