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white fillings

the natural-looking solution

Repair your teeth with natural-looking, tooth coloured fillings that blend in with your smile

Composite resin or ‘white fillings’ are a very common treatment at Ascent Dental Care, offering a fast, gentle and aesthetic solution to filling cavities, restoring a tooth back to its full strength and appearance whilst preventing any further damage and decay. They can also be used to close gaps and improve the shape of any uneven, rough or crooked teeth.

What are white fillings?

Forget the days of silver amalgam fillings, our cosmetic tooth-coloured composite fillings, are a modern, aesthetic and hard-wearing solution that is amalgam/mercury-free and unnoticeable from your natural teeth. The composite filling resin material is gently layered onto the affected tooth after a deep cleaning of the cavity and then hardened by an intense light that activates the setting process.

Your dentist will then check your bite for any high spots and polish the material until it is as smooth as your natural tooth. This pain-free procedure should last approximately 20-40 minutes depending on the severity of your cavity.

Rest assured, white fillings are not just for new treatments. We can switch your amalgam* (metal-based) fillings to our discreet, natural-looking fillings, so that you can smile with confidence.

Have you been told you need a filling? Choose the aesthetic benefits of white fillings and preserve the natural look of your beautiful smile. Book a consultation today!

*As of 2018, amalgam (metal-based) fillings are no longer offered to children under 15 years, pregnant or breastfeeding women, except when deemed strictly necessary on the grounds of specific medical needs of the patient.

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