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routine check-ups

Preserve your natural smile

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Your smile is the defining feature of your personality – so maintaining it has to be a savvy investment.

With routine check-ups at Ascent, you are not only contributing to long-term self-confidence, but you’re also taking an active role in preventing problems that could cost thousands further down the line. Regular check-ups and minor interventions will catch tooth decay in it’s tracks, long before it does the kind of damage that requires costly restorations or impacts on your overall health.

During your routine check-ups our skilled dentists will examine your teeth and gums, ask about any problems you may have had since your last visit and provide any advice on teeth-cleaning habits, diet or smoking cessation that is beneficial to your oral health. Your check-up will only last from 30-45mins depending on your needs and if all is well, we will set a date 6 months down the line to see you again for your next appointment!

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