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‘Gummy smiles’ is the term used to describe when a large portion of the gums are visible when you are smiling. Even though it is not a medical problem, it can very much affect the aesthetics of your smile and is considered a cosmetic dental treatment.

How are gummy smiles treated?

Depending on the severity of your gummy smile, there are several ways with which the Ascent Dental Care team can treat your case. In younger patients showing a gummy smile, an orthodontic option may be more suitable for them as the brace or clear aligner system can help manage and control the bone development, helping to reduce the gummy smile.

A more temporary treatment can be through the use of anti-ageing treatments. These injections can be used on the upper lip, which in turn, will relax the muscles, allowing them to drop and hide the gummy smile. Another option is through the use of laser gum reshaping, which uses a precision laser to carefully and painlessly cut away any excessive gum.

How do gummy smiles form?

A gummy smile forms for several reasons. In some cases, you may have been born with a short upper lip, causing more of your gum to be shown. Second, sometimes when your teeth are erupting, you may have an abnormal eruption, which again causes more of the gum to be seen. Lastly, it can be down to how you develop as a child. These early stages can be very important, and regular visits with the dentist can monitor any changes, spotting any warning signs early on.

To find out what options may be suitable for your gummy smile, please do not hesitate to contact your nearest Ascent Dental Care practice, located in Loughborough, Malvern, Solihull and Tamworth, to book your FREE consultation.