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Braces are often used on teenagers and adults to help them straighten their crooked or overcrowded teeth. It’s common for teeth not to have had enough room to grow and have grown in at an odd angle. After wearing braces, you expect to have them removed without a problem and to have nice, straight, white teeth as a result of your orthodontic treatment.

The Ascent Dental Care clinicians only take braces off once they, and the patient, are 100% happy with the results. Once the braces are finally removed, we will start the teeth whitening and recontouring process to truly perfect your new smile.

How braces are removed

The first step to removing braces is to take off the fitted curve on the back of each set of braces using a pair of dentistry pliers. This painless process starts by gently breaking away the plastic adhesive, and the brackets can subsequently be removed once the wire has come off. The brackets will pop off, but there will be some plastic remaining on the tooth’s surface that we make sure to polish away.

Dental recontouring

Once your braces are removed, there may also be problems with the final appearance of the teeth, including jagged edges that weren’t there to begin with, which can give the teeth an unattractive look even after straightening. Don’t worry – cosmetic dental recontouring is included in all of our orthodontic treatments, so we can smooth out any edges to complete your smile.

FREE teeth whitening and hygiene

We find that most of our orthodontic patients are interested in teeth whitening, so we have included it for FREE as part of the end of the treatment package. As the teeth need to be cleaned anyway to remove plastic surfaces, our free teeth whitening service also helps whiten and perfect your smile. We begin by removing the leftover plastic by polishing the enamel, and at the same time, we can use cleaning methods to ensure any staining before the braces are removed. After you have completed your orthodontic packaged treatment, you will truly notice the difference.

Book your FREE orthodontic consultation at your nearest Ascent Dental Care practice and enquire about our comprehensive teeth straightening packages today!