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If you’re self-conscious about your smile because you believe you show excessive gums, the Ascent Dental Care clinics in Loughborough, Tamworth, Solihull and Malvern have various affordable solutions for you!

What are gummy smiles?

‘Gummy smiles’ is often used to describe a person who shows a large portion of their gums as they smile. Although gummy smiles are a normal variation of the human anatomy, they can affect people’s confidence and embarrass them.

Case study: 6 Month Smiles orthodontic braces to correct a gummy smile

This patients’ main issues were crooked teeth and a gummy smile. We used clear 6 Month Smiles orthodontic braces to improve the aesthetics of her smile.

Case study: Gum surgery to correct a gummy smile

This patients’ main complaints were a gummy smile and grey margins around her existing crowns. As a result, she underwent gum surgery and had new crowns attached to correct her smile.

What can cause gummy smiles?

These are the few main factors that can cause a gummy smile:

  • Short upper lip – Some people are born with shorter upper lips, which exposes more gum when they smile
  • Abnormal erupting teeth – If teeth grow through abnormally, your gum may be more visible when you smile
  • Child development – Early signs of bone development can be spotted in children- Braces can be a solution to ensure a gummy smile is not developed

How do you treat a gummy smile?

We offer a few treatments that can be used to treat gummy smiles. However, not all of them will be suitable for each patient, and we will need to see you first for your free consultation to discuss your case.

  • Laser reshaping – a laser is used to cut away any excess gum carefully
  • Orthodontics – this is a much more effective treatment in younger patients, as the brace controls/manages the patients’ bone development

Anti-Ageing Injections – injections to the upper lip can relax the muscles, which causes the upper lip to drop down and hide the gummy smile.

If you suffer from a gummy smile and would like to take your first step in correcting this issue, please do not hesitate to your nearest Ascent Dental Care practice or book online to arrange your FREE consultation today!